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Born in Argentina in the province of Santa Fe.

They met in 2003 through Argentinean folklore, and in 2004 began "walking" the tango together.

Since this time they have continued to investigate and learn so as to keep growing as artists, drawing on their experience as dancers to give shape to their ideas and feelings, in the embrace that unites them both in dance and in their everyday lives.

Outside Argentina they have given courses, and have appeared at festivals, tango parties and academies in Mexico, Guatemala, England, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Cyprus and Germany.

They are currently living in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and working as resident teachers at Fabiana Jarma's 'Academia de Tango'. They travel to many cities and countries, taking with them their dance, which throughout the world is associated with Argentina and at the same time expresses the pride of being Argentinean …

Our style:

To quote Cintia and Lucas:
It's hard to define our style of dancing or find a name or word for it.
We simply feel comfortable with the fluidity of Tango Salón
in the proximity and embrace of  Tango Milonguero
being able to experience the miracle of the improvisations that arise from hearing a beautiful melody …
at the same time we enjoy opening up new possibilities and paths through the modern elements of Tango Nuevo
and the effects achieved through the dynamics and precision of the
Tango Escenario
inspire us …
Going beyond a form of dance and expression, we always say that if we
 walk and enjoy this walking, then we are already dancing

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